Current H3 Karting News:

WKA Nationals
Horn scored an awesome 2nd place in her first national in Senior Yamaha

H3 Karting website
H3 launches its newly revised website. Stay and look around for a bit!

Horn Scores Podium
Olivia Horn snagged second place in the ultra competitive TaG final at OVKA.

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Make/Model: Alisyn
List Price: $11.00

Description: Alisyn

Make/Model: Blendzall
List Price: $6.75

Description: Blendzall

Make/Model: Brake Fluid
List Price: $8.50

Description: Brake Fluid

Make/Model: Burris Blend
List Price: $6.25

Description: Burris Blend. One of the standard oils used to mix your fuel at most karting clubs.

Make/Model: Burris Castor
List Price: $7.50

Description: Burris Castor. Another commonly used oil to mix with fuel at most kart clubs.

Make/Model: Star-Tech Oil Additive
List Price: $25.00

Description: Star-Tech Oil Additive

Make/Model: Steel Nytro Clutch Coolant
List Price: $38.60

Description: Steel Nytro Clutch Coolant. Large bottle.

Make/Model: Tri-Flow
List Price: $11.95

Description: Tri-Flow. Superior spray lubricant for many kart parts.

Make/Model: Xeramic
List Price: $15.98

Description: Xeramic

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Call for Tony Kart accessories (nuts, bolts, washers, etc.)